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Welcome to the website of the State Emergency Service Volunteers Association of Western Australia Incorporated (SESVA)The SESVA was formed in the late 1980’s with the objective of providing a focus for representing the views of SES Volunteers on issues which affect them.  The SESVA has developed the ability to strongly voice the opinion of the volunteers  where, when necessary, to the benefit of all the Volunteers of the SES, where the action of a single Volunteer or small group would not be as effective.  The SESVA represents SES volunteers on a number of committees and working groups and has regular meetings with DFES.


SESVA role is to represent the views of SES Volunteers to all levels of Government, DFES and other agencies on all matters affecting  SES volunteers and the way in which we serve our communities.

SESVA Committee of Management

There is a Committee of Management to control the Association.  The Management Committee consists of the following members:

Powers of the Management Committee

The Management Committee is the deliberative body in the Association with powers to make and direct policy, make, amend, or rescind the Constitution, and generally to take such actions as it considers necessary for the furtherance of the Association and its objects.  The general management of the affairs of the Association is vested in the Management Committee. 

Executive Council

An executive council, consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary and any two committee members shall take care of the day to day affairs of the Association. The executive council may authorise payments on behalf of the Association.

Objects of the Association

  • Be an independent and representative body of the volunteers of the State Emergency Service of Western Australia and the Volunteer Emergency Service
  • Promote and communicate knowledge and information to and amongst the volunteers of the State Emergency Service of Western Australia 
  • Provide an effective voice for the volunteers of the State Emergency Service of Western Australia
  • Operate a fund or trust for the benefit of volunteers of the State Emergency Service of Western Australia

Current SESVA Activities:

  • Regular contact with DFES Commissioner and Senior Executive to discuss strategic, policy and high level issues
  • Monthly meeting with DFES and stakeholders managers to discuss operational issues
  • Membership of subject matter groups, PPE, equipment, training, communications and vehicles
  • Co-partnering with DFES to organise the annual SES conference and awards night
  • Attending AFAC conference
  • Attending Local managers meetings
  • SESVA website,twitter  and facebook management
  • Publishing SESVA Journal, calendar and diary
  • Attending to local issues when requested
  • SES Licence Plate Project
  • SESVA is currently in discussion with SES Volunteer Associations throughout Australia to form at setting up a National SES Volunteer Association to give all SES Volunteers a national voice. Currently involved and agreed to set up is SA,VIC,ACT,NSW and WA with talks to be held with Tasmania,NT and QLD who at this point do not have a Volunteer Association.
  • Providing input to the National representative on the Australian Emergency Management Volunteers Forum (AEMVF) on matters that could affect SES Volunteers at a National level
  • Development of a strategic plan for the SES Volunteers Association
  • A member of the new Emergency Services Volunteers welfare and support fund implementation team
  • Member of the Inter-Agency Working Group (IWG) on the review of the Emergency Services Acts
  • Regular communication from SESVA Regional Representatives to SES Units and Volunteers
  • Production of a new SES Flag


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28/10/2014 - WOW Day

Wear Orange Wednesday (WOW Day) is a national initiative to raise awareness of and community support for the State Emergency Service (SES).  This year WOW Day will be held on Wednesday 12 November 2014. DFES will be coordinating a series of events on this day and throughout SES Week (10-16 November 2014) to recognise the more than 2,100 SES volunteers in WA who dedicate their time to supporting and assisting the community.

On WOW Day, a media event will be held at Blackwall Reach in Bicton to display the skills and competencies of SES personnel in a simulated emergency search, abseil and flood boat rescue.  To show appreciation for SES volunteers, iconic locations around the State will be lit up in a brilliant orange and the SES flag will be flown at the DFES Emergency Services Complex.  Staff and personnel are encouraged to show their support by wearing a flash of orange in addition to their usual work attire. An orange themed afternoon tea will be held at the Emergency Services Complex and regional offices are encouraged to host their own WOW Day events.  DFES will provide funds to SES units throughout the State that wish to host a BBQ, morning tea or similar event during the week to thank their volunteers for their hard work. Please contact your local District Officer for details.

I thank all SES volunteers, as well as the many families, friends and employers who support them, for their contribution and efforts over the last year and for assisting communities affected by natural disasters and emergencies with valuable relief and support. The delivery of fire and emergency services is a collaborative effort, and the SES, along with the all the State’s volunteer emergency services are a vital part of keeping Western Australian communities safe.


WOW Day Flyer - SES DL Flyer.pdf

27/10/2014 - DFES Thanksgiving Service

Annual Thanks Giving Service

The annual Thanksgiving Service was held, Sunday evening at St George’s Cathedral, Perth.  It was a special Choral Evensong conducted to celebrate and thank all the Department of Fire Emergency Services (DFES) officers, staff, chaplains and volunteers for the work they do.   This prayer said by DFES Chaplain, Reverend Ron Windgate summed it all up; “O God, our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble, we commend to your protection those who offer themselves in service to others. Take them into your loving care, and be with them in the midst of danger, that they may put their trust in you, while seeking the welfare of their fellow men and women, and knowing that in serving them they are serving Jesus Christ your son and our Lord. Amen.”  The service was followed by refreshments and networking.

Phillip Petersen ESM

Pictures taken at the service

Address given by DFES Chaplain, Captain Charles Watson

SES Volunteers enjoying the refreshments afterwards

VFRS Executive officer, Max Osborne AFSM and DFES Commissioner, Wayne Gregson APM

SESVA President, Gordon Hall and SES Peer Support Team Leader, Graham Fixter ESM

DFES Wellness Program Co-ordinators  Annelise Smith and Charlotte Hunter.

23/10/2014 - Commissioner presents medal to Craig Chadwick

Chaddy collects his National Medal
SES Volunteer, Craig Chadwick, (Chaddy to his friends) was presented with National Medal by DFES Commissioner Wayne Gregson APM last night at the Rockingham SES Unit.  The Australian National Medal recognises long and diligent service by members of recognised government and voluntary organisations that risk their lives or safety to protect or assist the community in enforcement of the law or in times of emergency or natural disaster.  Craig joined the State Emergency Service (SES) in 1999 with the Morawa SES Unit where his value was very quickly realized. After qualifying in General Rescue and Storm Damage he very quickly became involved in road crash rescue, a prime role for the rural Morawa SES Unit.

Craig has attended many Road Crash Rescues and soon became competent as team leader and trainer in this skill.  His enthusiasm for Road Crash Rescue has led Craig into Road Crash Rescue Challenges as part of a composite SES team in Australia and New Zealand. He then shared his learning’s from these challenges into his Road Crash Rescue training so that SES Volunteers were trained to international standards.

Craig was the Morawa SES Local Manager for many years and was regularly involved in Midwest regional training. He was also a regional representative for the SES Consultative Committee and the SES Volunteer Association.  Three years ago Craig moved to Perth and joined Rockingham SES Unit where he was able to provide his expertise as a General Rescue and Storm Damage trainer.  Craig soon became the Rescue Officer and in the past eighteen months he has been the Deputy Manager for Rescue and active part of the Rockingham SES Unit’s management team.

Craig had been the principal for the Western Australia Agricultural College at Morawa and now is an associate principal at the Warnbro Community High School.
In his spare time, Chaddy has a passion for hot rods. He is a judge in a Hotrod Association and is building a car in his garage. More about that on his Facebook page.
Well done Chaddy!  Thanks to DFES Commissioner Wayne Gregson for personally presenting the medal.
Phillip Petersen ESM
SES Volunteer


Commissioner Wayne Gregson APM presents medal to Craig Chadwick

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