Committee Members

Gordon Hall


0427 002 702

Gordon started as a volunteer with the Swan Unit of the State Emergency Service in late 1993 and during that time was involved in a number of searches and operations including the 1994 Perth storms, 1999 Moora Floods and deployment to Exmouth for cyclone Vance. Gordon has been involved in the Association since 1995 and has been served as a Consultative Committee representative and was appointed to the first FESA Board as the Representative from the State Emergency Service.  Gordon joined FESA as a Regional Director for the SES in 1999 and up until his retirement in late 2011 he was involved in many roles for FESA at a state and national level including the National and State tsunami planning, key operations, and corporate governance and strategic planning. The tsunami project was recognised and awarded at both a national and international level.   Since retirement in 2011, Gordon rejoined the SES as a Volunteer and has volunteered his time to assist the SES Volunteers on many initiatives and projects. This includes working with BHP Billiton to purchase eight buses for the SES Volunteers, liaising with DFES for Operational Support Payments for SES units and initiating discussions for HBF corporate rates for SES Volunteers.  Gordon represents all SES Volunteers nationally on the Australian Emergency Management Volunteer Forum (AEMVF) as well as being the Chair of the Board of the National SES Volunteers Association.  

Duties of the President:
The President has the responsibility to ensure the successful functioning of the Association, the attainment of its objectives and the adherence to the constitution.  The President, as the name implies, presides at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee.

David Worth

Vice President

0414 509 043

David joined the Northshore SES unit in mid-2012. He has completed the basic training units such as Basic General Rescue, Field Radio Operator and Urban Search and Rescue Cat 1. In his short period with the SES David has assisted with winter storm damage, bushfire support and summer search callouts. He joined the SEVA Committee in 2015 as the North Coastal representative.


Duties of the Vice-President

 The Vice-President is required to take on any of the Presidential duties when invited to do so by the President or when the President is, for reasons unable to undertake those duties. If, for any reason, the President's office falls vacant, the Vice-Presidents should act as interim President until a new one is elected.


Lin Booth


0428 612 480

Lin has been a volunteer in the Mundaring Unit of the State Emergency Service since March 2000.  During his time in the SES Lin has been a Deputy Local Manager (2002-2004), Local Manager (2004-2010) and is currently the Training Manager for the Unit. He is also a Field Search Controller.  This has resulted in Lin being involved in a number of searches and operations in Western Australia.  Lin is a Senior Assessor in a range of skills including Navigation, Search, USAR, Communications, Chainsaw, Storm Damage and is also a Trainer/Assessor in Basic General Rescue, 4WD Recovery, 4WD Off Road Driving and Search Team Leader.  Lin has been involved in training with several units in the Pilbara, and the metropolitan area.


Duties of the Secretary:
The Secretary is the principal administrative officer of the Association and is responsible for carrying out the decisions of the Association. The Secretary prepares, in consultation with the President, meeting agendas.   The Secretary is required to attend Association meeting and take minutes for distribution to members.

Judith Gliddon

Vice President

0408 906 942


Duties of the Vice-President

The Vice-President is required to take on any of the Presidential duties when invited to do so by the President or when the President is, for reasons unable to undertake those duties. If, for any reason, the President's office falls vacant, the Vice-Presidents should act as interim President until a new one is elected.

Robbie Palmer


0417 908 129

Robbie joined Mundaring SES in 1997. He has held many postions in the Unit including  Local Manager, Deputy Local Manager, Treasurer, Admin Officer and currently holds the position of Training Manager. Robbie currently holds Trainer Assessor qualifications in Storm Damage, AIIMS Awareness, Navigate to an Incident, BGR, USAR cat 1, Radio Communications.  Operational Experience includes Searches across the state, running storm damage operations and Bush Fire support.

Duties of the Treasurer:
The Treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the Association. The Treasurer receives and deposits monies, maintains records, presents accounts, in the form of a report, at each meeting and the Annual general meeting.

Kylie Griffin

North East

0478 897 748




Bassendean SES, Belmont SES, Swan SES and Mundaring SES


Keith Squibb


0448 345 801

Keith has been a volunteer member of the SES for 30 years with the Stirling, Geraldton and Karratha Units. During this time Keith has served in a variety of roles including Rescue Team Leader, Deputy Local Manager, Training Manager and Local Manager. Since joining the Karratha Unit 6 years ago Keith has focussed on giving back to the Service in his role as Training Manager the skills, knowledge and experience he himself has gained, which has lead to numerous deployments through the Pilbara District. Keith became the Pilbara Representative for the SESVA 4 years ago  where he continues to promote and communicate knowledge and information to the volunteers of the SES.



Hedland SES, Karratha SES, Onslow VES, Exmouth SES, Tom Price SES, Newman SES, Marble Bar VES & Roebourne SES

Greg Cook

South East

0427 387 404

Greg has been both a proud SES volunteer since 1996 commencing at the Northam SES Unit. During that time in the Midland’s Region, Greg was able to assist other volunteers by being the region SES Consultative Committee and VA Representative. Including his activities at the Northam Unit, time was spent as the acting Local Manager, York SES Unit and the Training Manager at the Trayning SES Unit. After relaxing in the Midlands for 8 years, Greg departed for a period of service as a FESA DM working out of Port Hedland and serving local FESA VES and SES Units. Since returning to Perth, Greg serviced as the Section Leader Regional Operations Section (the Belmont Bunker). More recently he has firmly placed some antennas and a satellite dish on his head. Showing that level of instability, he has been entrusted with being the Local Manager of the Communication Support Unit in Belmont. Being a person that is challenged by technology, he could not resist the opportunity for personal development. All CSU members are currently hoping that learning will take place one day, preferably soon. He also holds many SES and National Emergency Management qualifications.  Outside of the SES, Greg is a Senior Risk Consultant working in the public and private sectors. His functions include developing solutions for community based emergency management issues and managing emergencies in facilities planning and training.


Armadale SES, Kalamunda SES, Gosnells, Canning-South Perth SES, Mundaring SES and SWORD (incl. CSU, Canine, Mounted, Logistics)

Trevor Patton ESM


0419 968 203

During Trevor’s 27 years at the Karratha SES Unit he has had a number of roles including rescue team member, rescue team leader and rescue officer. During this period Trevor attended many large operations such as the 1997 Ashburton River floods in 1997, numerous Cyclones (TC Bobby/Vance) and Land Search operations. Trevor has been a key organiser in setting up and coordinating the Pilbara Regions annual training weekends (PILEX).  Trevor was the deputy Local Manager in 2006 and was appointed Local Manager in 2007. Trevor represented the Pilbara on the SES Consultative Committee for 3 years and in 2010 was the winner of the 2010 Peter Keilor Award.


Broome SES, Kununurra SES, Derby SES & Wyndham VES

Darren Wyatt

North Coastal

0426 553 573



Northshore SES, Stirling SES, Bayswater SES, Wanneroo - Joondalup SES and Two Rocks SES

Phil Bresser ESM

South Coastal

0412 977 525

Phil has been a volunteer member of the SES for over 34 years with both Murray SES and Mandurah; He started with Murray as young 16 year old where he spent his first 16 years before moving to Mandurah. Phil has served in a variety of roles including Rescue Team Leader, Deputy Local Manager, and Training Manager. Phil has been on a numerous of interstate and intrastate deployments including Yaris in 2011

Rockingham-Kwinana SES, Melville SES , Cockburn SES, & Mandurah SES

Steve Cable ESM


0417 994 277

Steve commenced his Emergency Services career with two years as a member of the Parkerville Bush Fire Brigade.  He joined the Ambulance Service in Exmouth in 1972 and was OIC until 1982.  On moving to Karratha in 1985, Steve joined the SES there and served in Karratha for 10 years as Rescue Officer and a further 10 years as Local Manager.   During his years of service, Steve has experienced and organised the response to a myriad of events:  as Team Leader responding to hundreds of vehicle crashes, storm damage, floods and major cyclone events (Cyclone Bobby and Vance).  These were of magnitudes involving loss of life and required running the E/R response to three towns, numerous stations and rescue and resupply for flood stranded vehicles – all within the same operation.   Additionally, Steve has been Team Leader for 16 rope rescues, eight of which were at Karajini National Park (being the operations officer for the recovery of the Jim Reagan).  Since moving to Kalbarri in 2006 Steve joined the local SES unit, which he assisted to build into a professional E/R group, serving as a main stay to an area where deployment of 300-400 kms is not unusual.   Steve was appointed Rescue Officer and has been Local Manager for approximately five years.   In addition, Steve is an instructor in nearly all SES disciplines and travels throughout the region running courses.  Steve is also on Regional committees, including on a state level, having served as a Consultative Committee member for 10 years.



Carnarvon SES, Useless Loop SES, Shark Bay SES, Kalbarri SES, Meekatharra SES, Morawa SES, Moora SES, Geraldton Greenough  SES & Coastal Districts (Eneabba) SES.

Lloyd Powell

Midlands- Goldfields

0458 826 655

Lloyd has been a member of the Northam SES Unit on and off for the last 10 years as general member and as well as the Unit’s Management Committee. Currently Lloyd is the Units   Co-Quartermaster responsible for all of the equipment.  Lloyds work background has either been in the Mining Industry or working on the Railways as a Track Maintainer.  He enjoys his time with the SES and Intend on staying for many more years to come.  One of his most memorable things from my time so far in the SES has been when we had a light aircraft crash into two hangars at the local aerodrome. The aircraft was literally hanging in the air between the two buildings. That was a Call that I don’t think I will ever forget.


Toodyay SES, Kalgoorlie-Boulder SES, Norseman SES and Merredin SES

Li Leng Ang

South West

0438 955 290

 Li Leng joined the SES with Tom Price in 1998. She is an active volunteer and the Communications Centre Manager at Bunbury SES. She is a trainer assessor in the radio communications courses. She has completed the SES Operations/Communications and SES Rescue pathways. She is also a team member of the South West ICV.
Li Leng appreciates the opportunities of working alongside other emergency services volunteers, from all walks of life, who have different backgrounds, to serve the communities. She sees volunteering as a great way to develop strong working relationships with others. She relishes the challenges in volunteering work that sometimes, takes her outside her comfort zone, but uncovers opportunities to learn various skill sets and experiences.

Australind SES, Bunbury SES, Collie SES, Harvey SES & Murray  SES.

Jonathan Boswell

Lower South West

0419 211 131



Augusta/Margaret River SES, Nannup SES,   Bridgetown SES, Busselton SES, Manjimup SES, Donnybrook SES and Walpole SES 

Charlie Myers

Upper Great Southern

0417 918 910

Charlie has been an SES member at Narrogin SES for 20 years, with 19 years as the Local Manager.  During that time he has helped establish the Unit in permanent headquarters; used his civil experience to become a trainer-assessor; and trained volunteers throughout the Great Southern Region. His understanding of and experience in dealing with small SES and VES units in country WA, has given him an excellent appreciation of the difficulties and challenges, in providing training and responding to operations.  Charlie has represented SES volunteers on the SES Consultative Committee and more recently on the VESPAG committee. His strong interest in quality and timely training, has led him to nominate to represent SES volunteers in the Upper Great Southern Region.


Boddington SES, Narrogin SES,Pingelly SES and Wagin SES

Robert Boyes

Great Southern

0427 999 304

Robert has been a member of the Albany SES unit for the last three years. He has qualified in various areas including General Rescue, Storm Damage, Search Team member, Operations and Communications, Roof Safety Systems, Water Bomber loader and tracking dog training to name a few. His steep learning curve  has been augmented by the six days involved in the Esperance fires of 2015 and multiple searches in the Stirling Ranges.


Albany SES, Denmark SES, Gnowangerup, Kulin SES, Mount Barker SES, Ravensthorpe SES

John Capes OAM

Editor and Webmaster

0407 429 554

John has been a volunteer member of the SES for 39 years and originally joined the Wanneroo SES unit. John held a number of positions in the Wanneroo unit including six years as Local Manager.  In recent years John has focused his service to the SES Volunteer Association. John was the inaugural Association President and then held the position of Vice President.  John has the responsibly of managing the Associations Media and publications which include the website, App, dairy and calendar. 

Bella Scharfenstein

Adminstration Officer

0499 619 287

The SESVA Administration Officer role is to assist the Executive in the day to day running of the SESVA.