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Hon Colin de Grussa call for changes to DFES training and moved the following motion in Parliament.

HON COLIN de GRUSSA (Agricultural):
Without notice: I move —
That this house calls on the state government to immediately review emergency services training with a view
to —
(1) provide nationally accredited and recognised training to emergency service
volunteers and recognising prior learning of volunteers;
(2) ensure localised and regular delivery of this training to regional volunteers; and
(3) ensure training packages are developed in consultation with each of the volunteer
emergency service associations.
This motion is reasonably self-explanatory. Obviously when we talk about emergency
services, it is important that our services are adequately trained and that training is
adequately available to people no matter where they are based or live, no matter what service they are in. From my perspective, I bring this motion to the house for consideration to reflect on some of the meetings I have had around the state with various emergency organisations and to look at some of the issues that they have raised with me about training, to try to see if we can find a way to improve things for them and to see what is happening in that space within government. Every year as we head into the bushfire, cyclone or storm season, we are constantly told, rightly, that we as a community need to be ready for those events. We need to prepare our homes, have our bushfire plans, to tie down trampolines when the big winds come and that sort of thing. I think that the community is well aware of what those needs are. In addition, our emergency services have to be adequately prepared—that is, in terms of equipment and people. Given that most of our emergency services are volunteers, it is important that we have enough volunteers in the services, and part of that is having adequate training. Adequate training not only ensures that those volunteers have the right skillset to do the job, but also is a  good way to attract people in the first place to join volunteer organisations, which are desperately crying out for new volunteers.

Read the full speech.  This is a large documents so the SESVA has highlighted the section which are of most interest to SES Volunteers.

Manage Our Volunteers, Assets and Training (MOVAT) is software developed and maintained by Stuart Romero (a current WA SES member). Starting at Belmont SES in 2009, continued development has seen MOVAT recently expand to be in use at thirteen State Emergency Service units and two Bush Fire Brigades.
MOVAT is a centralised location of information to assist BGUs in reducing administration, simplifying reporting (NOAR, IRS, OEP) and improving transparency. Features include:

  • repository of member particulars;
  • capture of membership attendance through electronic sign in;
  • production of reports based on membership attendance, including NOAR (Non-Operational Activity Report), IRS reports (Incident Reporting System) and OEP requirements (Operational Efficiency Payments);
  • synchronisation of contacts to a Google account enabling mobile phone address books to be easily maintained;
  • tracking of PPE / PPC issued to members;
  • tracking of assets, including acquisition, inspection and disposal;
  • maintaining records of ongoing training;
  • import of eAcademy records for assistance in training needs analysis, simplified reporting and integration of the data;
  • tracking of ongoing tasks via an action board;
  • sharing files amongst users; and,
  • sending and receiving SMS;

MOVAT is inexpensive at $150 per calendar year and SMS are 10c each. Electronic sign in is via a touch screen laptop, tablet or similar device (at BGU expense).
If you would like to know more, please contact Stuart by sending an email to, visit and access a trial site, or join the Facebook group

SES Awards 2018
An inspiring young SES volunteer who made history as the first woman to design and implement a new SES badge for Scouts has taken out the Youth Achievement Award.
The 2018 SES award winners were announced at the inaugural Fire and Emergency Services Awards Ceremony held in Perth on Friday night.  Volunteers from across the State were acknowledged for their work on the frontline during emergencies and maintaining the high level of training and capability of the SES.
Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Darren Klemm AFSM presented the awards to the recipients and commended them on their dedication.
“It has been a busy 12 months for our heroes in orange attending over 630 incidents and committing almost 22,000 hours to cyclones, land searches, rescues, fires and storm damage recovery,” Commissioner Klemm said.
“SES volunteers are often first on scene during emergencies, and these awards are an important part of thanking individuals and units for their hard work and dedication to protecting the community.
“All of our SES volunteers are highly respected and admired and I congratulate all of them for their services in keeping the people of WA safe.”
Wanneroo Joondalup SES Training Manager Stephen Faulkner was awarded the Peter Keillor Award for his exceptional commitment to SES Cadets, encouraging the next generation of volunteers and ensuring they’re well prepared for any emergency.
The Team Achievement Award was presented to volunteers from Bayswater, Swan, Kalamunda, Gosnells and Stirling who banded together to compete in the National Disaster Rescue Challenge which put their technical and team work skills to the test.
The 2018 SES Award winners were presented across three categories:
Peter Keillor Award
Stephen Faulkner – Wanneroo Joondalup SES
Since the inception of the Emergency Service Cadet Corp Unit in 1996, Steve has been the SES Liaison Officer. He has been involved in almost every camp and has used his skills, knowledge and access to equipment to further enhance the cadets’ experience and expand their skill set. In 2017 he became a fulltime cadet instructor taking on the role of the Chief Instructor, and is an outstanding representative for the SES cadet unit, and for the core values an instructor should possess.
Team Achievement Award
National Disaster Rescue Challenge 2017 – WA SES Team
The SES Volunteers Association coordinated a team from Western Australia to participate in the SES National Disaster Rescue Challenge held in Hobart. The team was made up of 10 SES Volunteers from five Perth metropolitan SES units including Bayswater, Swan, Kalamunda, Gosnells and Stirling. The team was exposed to eight rescue scenarios which tested leadership, teamwork, tenacity and the core skills of SES first responders.
Youth Achievement Award
Sarah Hamilton – Belmont/Victoria Park SES
Sarah is already a dedicated volunteer with both Hampton Park Scout Group (Scout Leader) and Belmont SES (Team Leader). Sarah's own initiative, motivated by her desire to encourage others to positively experience the two volunteer organisations she loves, led her to create an SES badge for Scouts. Sarah's coordination and engagement of stakeholders within Scouts WA, SES, DFES and SES Volunteers Association over two years, totalling hundreds of volunteer hours, were key to the development of this badge - this is a significant individual effort which was undertaken in addition to her current volunteer commitments and duties.