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27/01/2015 - Extra News on the Bunnings Fundraiser

Bunnings Aussie Day Weekend Fundraiser

The SESVA has been receiving very good feedback on the Bunnings Aussie Weekend Fundraiser by those SES Units involved. There were many Emergency Service Brigades, Groups and Units involved.  When Bunnings first spoke with the Association it was their idea that this fundraiser was a way for the Bunnings team members and all Australians to show their appreciation for the wonderful work done by local volunteer emergency services, including the SES.

Those stores that I visited had queues and the sausage sizzle staff were flat out. On a number of occasions I witnessed donations being made which added to the fundraising efforts of the SES Units.  This fundraiser has been a great success for the SES Volunteers.  At some time in the future the SESVA will receive the funds from Bunnings, including the amounts allocated for the particular SES Units involved.

As I mentioned on the 6PR radio interview on Saturday, every cent allocated to the SES Units by Bunnings, will be forwarded to those nominated and involved SES Units.  Please forward any feedback about the fundraiser to the Association ( as we will be officially thanking Bunnings and their teams once this project is completed and all funds distributed.

Gordon Hall
President SESVA

Some More Pictures

Rockingham/Kwinana SES Display at Bunnings

Rockingham/Kwinana SES new Bus on display (just had to put this one in)

Rockingham/Kwinana SES Vounteers at Bunnings

Armadale SES Display at Bunnings

Bunnings Staff member helping out

24/01/2015 - Bunnings Aussie Day Weekend Fund Raiser

Today Saturday the 24th of January 2015 every Bunnings Store is having an Aussie Day Weekend Fundraiser BBQ’s  manned by the Bunnings team to show support and appreciation for the amazing work done by volunteer emergency services and in our case the SES.  SES Units are supporting the fund raiser by having displays of equipment and vehicles.  Also SES Volunteers and helping by cooking and serving.

At Bunning Balcatta Store  SES Volunteers from the Stirling Unit are doing their bit to support this initiative.  The SESVA is also playings it part bu advertising the event and will distributing the funds to the SES Units involved in this activity. 

Stirling SES Volunteers at Bunnings Balcatta

Stirling SES Volunteers at Bunnings Balcatta

15/01/2014 - Critical Incident Survey

My name is Jelena Opacic and I am currently working within the Wellness Team at the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). As part of my project I am reviewing the critical incident responding process and procedures here at DFES. The purpose of this review is to increase the Departments ability to provide ongoing support to its personnel across the State, following all critical incidents.

Critical incidents (also known as potentially traumatic events) are defined as incidents that can evoke unusually strong emotional reactions and have the potential to interfere with the ability of an individual, or group of individuals, to function appropriately. To understand how critical incidents impact DFES operational employees and volunteers, the ‘Critical Incident Survey’ has been designed to gather feedback.

As critical incidents are something that you experience, the survey aims to gain feedback on the current critical incident procedures, will look to identify which critical incident factors DFES operational employees and volunteers find most stressful, and gain information on what follow up procedures are most effective
Your responses will be combined with research, interviews and procedures from other Emergency Service Departments, to help construct an overall best- practice process for critical incidents. Upon completion of this project, we will be happy to share our results with you.

Please note that your survey responses will be anonymous and kept confidential. Please complete the survey and submit your responses prior to the 22nd January 2015, otherwise, your responses will not be recorded.

If you have any questions regarding the survey or the project, please do not hesitate to contact Jelena Opacic (  We understand that there have been a lot of surveys lately and we appreciate your time completing them. We would like to thank you in advance for your time and contribution.

Kind Regards
Jelena Opacic

14/01/2015 - The Heritage Centre needs your help

The DFES Education and Heritage Centre is re-opening next week after being closed for the holidays. The centre is urgently seeking volunteers to help with the influx of visitors that it gets on a regular basis.  The centre is located at the 100 year old original Perth Fire station on Murray Street. It would appear that very few SES Volunteers are aware of its existence and if they are think it is all about Fire.  However it is well worth a visit as it contains very good displays of SES lead and combat roles such as storm, cyclone, flood, tsunami, land search, earthquake and cliff rescue.

The centre already have a couple of SES Volunteers to assist the other vollies who are largely from a fire backgrounds and have limited knowledge of the SES roles.
The centre is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 4 pm.   SES Volunteers who could give a few hours of their time on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis would be greatly appreciated.  It would be ideal for a retired or semi-retired members.

Take the time to have a look around and if interested in volunteering contact Heather McNamara at DFES on 9395 9300 for further information. 

12/01/2014 - SESVA Buses deployed for Fire Support

The new SES Buses Deployed to the Bullsbrook fire

On the weekend, DFES District Officers called for the SESVA Buses to be used for the Bullsbrook fires.  At least six of the new SES buses were used to transport Fire Fighters and SES Volunteers to the Forward Command Post (FCP) to carry out their various fire-fighting and support roles.  The use of the SES buses freed up SES PCs and fire appliances allowing them to stay on site or be deployed elsewhere whilst crews were transported from their home base and other locations. The early indication is that the six buses have travelled a total of around 6000 kms so far in the Bullsbrook fire operation

Attached pictures show some buses at the assembly area for the Bullsbrook fire

Gordon Hall
SESVA President



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