Gordon Hall ESM

+61 427 002 702

Gordon started as a volunteer with the Swan Unit of the State Emergency Service in late 1993 and during that time was involved in a number of searches and operations including the 1994 Perth storms, 1999 Moora Floods and deployment to Exmouth for cyclone Vance. Gordon has been involved in the Association since 1995 and has been served as a Consultative Committee representative and was appointed to the first FESA Board as the Representative from the State Emergency Service.  Gordon joined FESA as a Regional Director for the SES in 1999 and up until his retirement in late 2011 he was involved in many roles for FESA at a state and national level including the National and State tsunami planning, key operations, and corporate governance and strategic planning. The tsunami project was recognised and awarded at both a national and international level.   Since retirement in 2011, Gordon rejoined the SES as a Volunteer and has volunteered his time to assist the SES Volunteers on many initiatives and projects. This includes working with BHP Billiton to purchase eight buses for the SES Volunteers, liaising with DFES for Operational Support Payments for SES units and initiating discussions for HBF corporate rates for SES Volunteers.  Gordon represents all SES Volunteers nationally on the Australian Emergency Management Volunteer Forum (AEMVF) as well as being the Chair of the Board of the National SES Volunteers Association.  

Duties of the President:
The President has the responsibility to ensure the successful functioning of the Association, the attainment of its objectives and the adherence to the constitution.  The President, as the name implies, presides at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee.