Alan Hawke

Vice President
+61 408 252 610

 Alan joined the SES with Bayswater Unit in 2011. He progressed to stores office, team leader and operations officer with the unit. In 2016 he was acting local manager of Kalamunda Unit. Alan has SES qualifications in incident control, land search and general rescue, and is trainer assessor in several disciplines. His passion is incident management, operations and intelligence.  Alan brings skills acquired over many years of Defence Force Reserves training and experience, as well as banking and a board member of a public charity. Awards include the Reserve Forces Decoration. He is currently a self-employed public accountant (FCPA) and part-time law student. Alan and his wife, Ann-Maree, have three adult children.


Duties of the Vice-President

The Vice-President is required to take on any of the Presidential duties when invited to do so by the President or when the President is, for reasons unable to undertake those duties. If, for any reason, the President's office falls vacant, the Vice-Presidents should act as interim President until a new one is elected.