Judith Gliddon

Vice President

 Judith cautiously joined Stirling SES early in 2015, not knowing what to expect but certainly not expecting to love it. Shortly afterwards, she took on the role of Training Manager, a role she has held for the past 3 years, and was hooked. She was Stirling’s member’s choice Member of the Year in 2016. She holds trainer assessor endorsements in Induction, Basic General Rescue, Land Search Team Member and Field Radio Operator and is qualified in Navigation, Net Control Station, Advanced WAERN, Storm and Water Damage Operations (Roof and Ground), Roof Safety System Builder, Web EOC and, of course, First Aid. Of all of the things that Stirling does to help the community, she finds land search to be the most absorbing and rewarding. Judith’s past life as senior lecturer in training and organisational development left her with a passion for developing people and processes, a passion she indulges as a member of the VSES Training Advisory Group and the SES Volunteer Advisory Committee.

Duties of the Vice-President

The Vice-President maybe required to take on any of the Presidential duties when invited to do so by the President or when the President is, unable to undertake those duties. If, for any reason, the President's office falls vacant, the Vice-Presidents may act as interim President until a new one is elected.