Volunteers Assistance Schemes

This page contains information on two progams avalible to SES Volunteers :

In October 2012, the WA Government announced the implementation of a range of measures to improve the structure of fire and emergency services; provide better support; and enhance the safety of all West Australians.  Included among those measures was a one off injection of $1 million (invested) for a hardship assistance fund to provide volunteers with financial assistance during times of hardship.  The fund is managed by the Emergency Services Volunteers Hardship Assistance Scheme Management Committee, consisting of representatives from each of the relevant volunteer associations which together constitute the WA Emergency Services Volunteers Hardship Assistance Scheme (Incorporated). 

SES Volunteers Association (SESVA) of WA has established a Benevolent Fund to provide limited financial support to SES Volunteers during "hard times".  The purpose of the fund is to provide direct support to  SES volunteers who need a financial stop-gap until insurance or social security etc steps in. The financial support will be based on the recommendation of SES volunteer peers.