Emergency Services Volunteers Hardship Assistance Scheme


The WA Emergency Services Volunteers' Hardship Assistance Scheme (the scheme) was officially launched by the Minister for Emergency Services, Honourable Joe Francis MLA on 11 October 2015.  The purpose of the scheme is to provide emergency services volunteers with the opportunity to seek financial assistance during times of hardship.  The State Government has supported the scheme with a one-off payment of $1 million as start-up capital. This start-up capital has been invested and the interest earnings will be made available as grant monies under this scheme.  The scheme is managed by a governing committee consisting of representatives from each of the relevant volunteer associations which together constitute the WA Emergency Services Volunteers Hardship Assistance Scheme (Incorporated).

For full information on the scheme click on the following link which will provide you:

  • Introduction to the scheme
  • Membership
  • Eligibility
  • Appication process
  • Rights and responsibilities