28/02/2013 - SES Volunteer Liaison Officer


The State Emergency Service Volunteers Association has been in discussions with DFES about providing a Volunteer Liaison Officer (VLO) during large or complex operations.  Initially DFES had an expectation that the VLO would provide resourcing and other roles, however DFES representatives have agreed that those roles are for staff or IMT appointments.

On Wednesday 27 February, during the planning for an impact of severe Tropical Cyclone Rusty, DFES invited the SESVA to provide a VLO for all days of the operation. The first VLO attending (Gordon Hall) was located at the State Operations Centre (SOC) and worked closely with DFES operational staff.  The role of the VLO was to assist DFES staff in relation to Volunteers and in particular;

  • Monitor the welfare and interests of deployed Volunteers,
  • Provide direct liaison with SES units and / or key personnel
  • Provide advice on SES Volunteer issues to SOC and ROC planning groups

The VLO role will be filled over the remaining days of the TC Rusty operation by David Price, Dave Beard and others.  This is a new initiative by DFES and it is hoped that it will ensure a high level of service delivery to the State Emergency Service Volunteers

Information provided by The SESVA Committee

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